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Xello is a new, highly engaging online program that re-imagines how students prepare for future success. It’s not a new version of Career Cruising, but something entirely different, designed to better engage students and support educators. Keep reading to see what Xello has to offer and how you can easily switch from Career Cruising to Xello.

What is Xello

Every student, future ready

We love Career Cruising! But we knew it was time for something new. Today’s student has different experiences and expectations of technology—they need a program that will grow with them. Through our 20 year journey with Career Cruising we’ve learned a lot, both from our own experiences and from the feedback of students and educators. We knew what was needed wasn’t a new version of Career Cruising, but a new student-centred approach to software designed to deliver the type of experience kids encounter in other aspects of their life.

The journey from Career Cruising to Xello

The transition to Xello isn't a departure from our company's proud history as Career Cruising. It's a natural progression. It's the result of a deepened commitment to helping students and educators. While our name may have changed, rest assured, we’re still the same passionate group of people dedicated to helping every student become future ready.

1995Career Cruising was founded by Matt McQuillen, Jeff Harris and Angus McMurtry
2000We took Career Cruising to the world-wide-web
2014Research and development on a next generation product began
2017Hello, Xello! We introduced a brand-new program and at the same time, rebranded the company from Career Cruising to Xello

A proven model of success for every student

In Xello, each student builds critical self-knowledge and learns about their future possibilities to build a personalized plan for their future success.


Build Self-knowledge

Students define their interests, skills, preferences, and aspirations so they can explore the opportunities right for them.


Explore Options

Students learn about career possibilities and educational pathways by exploring rich engaging content and lessons.


Create a Plan

Students create dynamic, actionable plans that outline the steps needed to achieve school, career and life goals.


Learn & Reassess

As students gain experience, knowledge, and skills, they can reassess and change their plans for the future.

The Xello Difference

Software for student success

Xello isn’t simply an update to Career Cruising. It’s something different. It’s an engaging, online program that goes beyond just college and career planning to help students transform their aspirations into personalized, actionable plans for academic and future success. Xello is immersive, powerful, and accessible for all users, on any device.

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Increase student engagement

Xello helps students connect learning to their future aspirations. Only Xello clearly shows kids how who they are and what they're interested in ladders up to their future goals. And, it delivers these insights through modern design and experiences that entertain while they educate.

Students are engaged right until the end of class — there’s no need to remind them to stay on task. They’re excited to use Xello, and we’re excited because we can help students prepare for the ‘real world’ in a personalized, but still scalable way. Mike W., Facilitator & Service Specialist, Wenatchee School District, Washington

Help students build critical skills & knowledge

Equip your students with essential skills and knowledge for future success with fully integrated lessons. Easily woven into existing curriculum or assigned as independent activities, you’ll ensure every student is completely confident and prepared for their future.

I've popped into some of our high school students' classrooms that are working with the platform and they were very actively engaged. In some cases, so engaged you could hear a pin drop as they explored the platform and completed the lessons. Stanley M. Breidinger, School Counselor, EAMS/EAHS, Easton Area High School, Easton, PA
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Equity & accessibility for all students

Xello has been designed to support all students, regardless of background, ability, or chosen pathway. The program exceeds WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) accessibility standards. Content is written at a 6th grade reading level. Career profiles show gender and racial diversity to break-down stereotypes and help every student envision their future.

It does not matter whether the student is at-risk or a high achiever. The program we’ve enabled with Xello provides something for everyone. It is a one-stop shop that makes achieving students’ dreams fun and engaging, and all without tasking educators with more work. Tonni Grant, Coordinator of Academic Advisement Department, Fort Worth Independent School District, Texas

Easier course planning

Student course plan data moves seamlessly from Career Cruising to Xello. Once in Xello, students will have an easier, more flexible and robust course planning experience. Xello’s Course Planner accommodates backwards course planning, two-for-one course credits, easy course exemptions, and more. And, while choosing classes to meet graduation requirements, students can also make sure their choices meet any specialization requirements.

...Xello allows us to be more effective in our jobs as counselors. Over the years Xello has become a true partner who I can tell really has our best interests in mind. Allison Jasso, Coordinator of Guidance and Counseling, Bazorsport Independent School District, Texas
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Future ready at every age & stage

Whether it’s kindergarteners beginning to discover the world of work through Xello for Elementary, or senior students making the transition to college, planning for the future is easier with high-quality programs. With Xello you get a full K-12 solution. Tailored with content, curriculum and activities relevant to each age and grade, Xello enables you to support all students across your district in college and career planning.

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The power of a student-centered program

For the school districts that have already introduced Xello to their students, the numbers say it all. When comparing Xello to Career Cruising, Xello is the clear winner when it comes to engaging students in planning for their futures.

  • 20% of logins outside of school hours
  • 70% of students reflect on their saved careers

A streamlined experience for educators

Just as we’ve improved the usability for students, the educator experience has also received a makeover with Xello. From simplified login and permissions, to more powerful list tools and easy navigation, Xello is a more streamlined and enjoyable experience for educators.

Personalized, demo student accounts

Educators can now see exactly what their students experience in Xello. Every educator account automatically gets a demo student account within the educator side of Xello. Your team will always be in-the-know when it comes to students’ Xello experience, even on the Xello mobile app!

Actionable, insightful reports

Easy to read reports show educators which students are on track and which need a little help. With the Graduation Plan Completion report, Specialization Completion report, and Critical Alerts report educators will rest easier knowing they haven't overlooked a student in need of support.

Resources to help educators succeed

It’s easy for educators to become Xello experts to confidently use Xello with their students. Xello offers more support resources for educators, including recurring, interactive webinars series and an in-app help beacon that connects them to additional resources and Xello’s Client Solutions team.

See Xello in Action

Take a look inside Xello

In these informative, pre-recorded webinars, you’ll learn how Xello engages students and supports educators.

How Xello Engages Students

In this webinar you’ll learn how Xello’s discovery-based model helps every student understand who they are, what opportunities are available to them, and where they’re going after highschool.

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Spark Career Curiosity with Xello for Elementary

Expose your youngest learners to career development concepts, including how to engage with age-appropriate activities, encourage self-discovery, and teach social-emotional skills.

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Moving to xello

Moving is easier than you think

With Xello, you have a partner with expertise in the K-12 education landscape and a 20+ year history supporting educators. Our team is here to make your move from Career Cruising to Xello painless. Partnering with your district or school lead, we'll make sure you're educated, trained and confident in how to use Xello.

Your data moves
with you

Work completed in students’ Career Cruising Portfolios will automatically move to their Xello accounts. This includes saved careers, career clusters, schools, majors/programs, education history, as well as their Course Planner data.

Support every
step of the way

The move to Xello will be automatic and seamless, so there’s almost nothing for you to do. Other than updating your district’s or school’s website, the Xello team will do the rest (and at no charge).

Resources to help educators succeed

Your teachers and counselors will be ready to confidently lead their students through Xello with free, online training resources that cover both the educator and student experience.

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